Trading Career Programme - Welcome Note

As the Founder and Managing Director of Pulsar Capital I welcome you to our company´s website and would like to take this opportunity to share a few thoughts.

During this last decade we were able to witness a “revolution” on the trading universe.

The massification of the internet combined with the advent of extremely cost-efficient online brokers was responsible by “democratizing” the day-trading activity, meaning that remote traders are now able to compete in identical circumstances with the exchange “locals” and major financial institutions.

The effect this had on trading was huge, with the surge of a mass of extremely skilled managers spread around the globe and operating on this intra-day time frame.

Our Trading Career Programme aims to take advantage of this new and amazing opportunity: a modern concept of Proprietary Trading that provides everybody the possibility to manage our company´s own assets while operating in an absolute meritocracy and systematic structure.

Just prove us how good you are and we will fully back you, taking all the risks and allowing you to manage our own capital.
Welcome to a new trading dimension!

Yours Sincerely,