Trading Career Programme - Trader Guidelines

A straightforward methodology… 
… with unlimited potential! 

Take our simulation... surpass it... and start managing our own capital!
Soon you may be trading an account of several million USD and keeping 70% of the profits.

If you are interested in trading for our company, please read the Trader Guidelines below and click here to sign up for our Trading Career programme.

(demonstrate your trading skills on a simulated account)

- Duration:  the simulation runs for 25 trading days  "Why do I need to go through the simulation process?"
- Initial Account Value:  USD 100,000
- Products Available:  please click here to a see a list of all the products you are allowed to trade
- Maximum Position Size: combined nominal value of open positions may not exceed the account value  "additional info"
- Subscription Fee:  300 GBP that will be refunded in full to all applicants who manage to surpass this phase  "Why do I have to pay this fee?"

- Conditions required to make it through the simulation:

(after successfully completing the simulation phase start trading with our own capital)