Trading Career Programme - Available Products

Traders at Pulsar Capital operate on a broad range of Asset Classes. 
Below is a list of all our Available Products:

ProductAsset ClassExchangeSymbolCommissions
E-mini S&P 500 Equity Index CME ES USD 2.01
E-mini Nasdaq 100 Equity Index CME NQ USD 2.01
E-mini Dow Equity Index CBOT YM USD 2.01
10Y US Treasury Note Interest Rates CBOT ZN USD 1.43
E-mini EUR/USD Futures Currency (Future) CME E7 USD 1.72
E-mini JPY/USD Futures Currency (Future) CME J7 USD 1.37
GBP/USD Futures Currency (Future) CME 6B USD 2.47
AUD/USD Futures Currency (Future) CME 6A USD 2.47
CAD/USD Futures Currency (Future) CME 6C USD 2.47
Euro - US Dollar (FX Spot) Currency (Spot) Forex EUR.USD *
US Dollar - Japanese Yen (FX Spot) Currency (Spot) Forex USD.JPY *
British Pound - US Dollar (FX Spot) Currency (Spot) Forex GBP.USD *
Australian Dollar - US Dollar (FX Spot) Currency (Spot) Forex AUD.USD *
US Dollar - Canadian Dollar (FX Spot) Currency (Spot) Forex USD.CAD *
US Dollar - Swiss Franc (FX Spot) Currency (Spot) Forex USD.CHF *

0.002% (minimum per order of USD 2.50)
(the above commissions are per side)